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NCM recognizes La Oferta Newspaper as a media founder and partner

Photos by Mary J. Andrade
Staff writer — On January 10, 2006, La Oferta Newspaper publishers, Frank Andrade and Mary Andrade were recognized as a media founder and partner of New California Media (NCM) at a luncheon held at the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose.
The NCM event was sponsored by Telemundo, NBC 11 and PG&E and attended by dozens of South Bay ethnic media moguls as diverse as Ethiopians, Punjabis and Vietnamese. The aim and purpose of the luncheon was to recognize their service, support and role in educating and keeping their communities informed with news that affects and improves their standards of living and economic development.
In 1997, La Oferta was recognized with the “Pioneer Award of Excellence” for “consistently providing a medium of communication for a community otherwise ignored or misrepresented by the mainstream press” by the New California Media (NCM) organization. After almost three decades of non-stop publishing, the staff of La Oferta continues to abide by those core values of servicing and educating its community.
“Studies show that one of every four people reads an ethnic newspaper. This shows that ethnic newspapers have a place and purpose in serving our diverse population” said Sandy Close, Founder and Executive Director on New California Media (MCN).
San Jose Mayor Ron Gonzales, who also attended the event, graciously welcomed the organization to San Jose and praised the ethnic media for their tireless work in serving its diverse community.
The recognition luncheon is the first in a series of special events kicking off NCM’s 7th Annual Awards Banquet and 10th Anniversary celebration. The awards banquet will also be held at the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose on January 26, 2006.

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