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The National Hispanic University Announces Its Plans for the Future

New teacher academy will ensure continuation of NHU’s teacher credentialing programs

The National Hispanic University (NHU) Board of Directors announced today a range of actions designed to ensure that the university’s vision endures and that its students successfully complete their studies.

NHU’s teacher credentialing programs have helped educate hundreds of teachers in San José for nearly 20 years. The Board is pleased to announce that these programs will live on through the teacher academy honoring the vision of Dr. Roberto Cruz, NHU’s founder.

With a new partnership between the NHU Foundation, part owner of NHU, and another local university, and with additional funding from Laureate Education, Inc., the academy will ensure the continuation of NHU’s teacher-education programs.

Former NHU President Dr. David López will lead the initiative for the NHU Foundation. To support the effort, Laureate will create the NHU Scholarship Fund for Future Educators through the NHU Foundation for select San José students who seek teaching credentials.

“I am pleased that our teacher credentialing programs will continue on and that the Board and Laureate will create specific NHU scholarships to support an important pathway for future generations to teach in our community,” said Dr. Gladys Ato, President of NHU.

“The Board of Directors believes deeply in the mission of NHU, and we are proud of our collective history and journey to provide educational opportunities to students here in the San José community,” said Jonathan A. Kaplan, the Board’s chair.

“The NHU Board, the NHU Foundation and Laureate Education understand the important educational purpose that NHU serves in East San José. We are pleased to have identified ways to continue the important vision of NHU and its founder, Dr. Roberto Cruz.”   During the past few years, NHU has faced a number of significant regulatory barriers, including the U.S. Department of Education¹s unexpected decision in 2013 to eliminate student aid for one of its most successful programs.

A challenging financial landscape for small institutions also has created an environment in which NHU cannot operate as it has in the past. The Board and NHU leadership, however, are committed to ensuring that currently enrolled students have a clear pathway to college completion:

– NHU’s doors will remain open and the university will teach and support current students through the 2014­2015 academic year.

– For students who seek to transfer, NHU will enter into transfer agreements with a select number of institutions to ensure the continuity of our students¹ education.

– Laureate will provide financial assistance, including a new NHU Student Assistance Program, for those students transferring in the event they face additional education costs as a result of the Board¹s decision.

Additionally, as owner of the real estate on which NHU’s campus sits, the NHU Foundation is announcing that the property will continue to be used for important educational purposes. These include the continued programs offered by NHU through the end of the 2014­15 academic year, a new K­12 education opportunity for the community, and a teacher academy for K­12 educators.

Deborah A. Santiago, an NHU Board member and co-founder, chief operating officer and vice president for policy and research at Excelencia in Education, added.

“For more than 30 years, The National Hispanic University has provided students with an opportunity to reach their full potential as students and be contributors and leaders of their communities. Even with Laureate’s support and significant investments, this increasingly complex and inflexible regulatory and financial environment has made it all the more challenging for NHU to serve the needs of Hispanic and other students locally and nationally and to succeed in its mission.”

Ed Alvarez, chair of the NHU Foundation Board and an NHU Board member, said, “I am confident, in part due to Laureate’s commitment that the mission of NHU’s founder will continue to indefinitely serve the San José community as well as the Hispanic community at large.”

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