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Teatro Visión unveils new 3-Year Strategic Plan

SAN JOSÉ, CA – Teatro Visión released a new strategic plan for growth covering the year 2017-18 through 2019-20. The major goals outlined in the plan are 1) Increase Teatro Visión’s year-round presence in our community and 2) Build Teatro Visión’s capacity (finances, staff, board, and pool of artists).

The plan clearly shows Teatro Visión’s recent trajectory of growth, including an operating budget that more than tripled between 2012-13 and 2016-17 and program expansions to three productions in 2017-18 as compared to one production in each of the previous four years. This plan is therefore a major step towards ensuring Teatro Visión’s future as a thriving producer and creator of innovative theater.

Highlights of the plan include:

  • A signed Letter of Intent to rent space at the Creative Center for the Arts, an arts-specific office and rehearsal being built in San José’s Japantown under the aegis of Silicon Valley Creates, scheduled to open in 2019.
  • The world premiere of Teatro Visión’s Departera, in October 2018, with a script by Evelina Fernández and original music by Russell Rodríguez. This play is currently being developed through a collaborative process in and with the local community.
  • The launch of a new intensive theater youth program for ages 12-18 in spring 2018, consisting of 6 weeks of workshops culminating in a production of The House on Mango Street. With funding from Santa Clara County, this program will outreach particularly to the County’s most at-risk youth, such as those in the County foster care system.
  • A new series of quarterly training workshops and mini-performances to begin in 2018-2019. The concept will be piloted in fall 2017 at De Anza College.
  • The elimination, as of the end of 2017-18, of the last remaining liabilities on Teatro Visión’s balance sheet, incurred during the recession of the late 2000s.

“The strategic plan is exactly what Teatro Visión needs to keep moving forward,” says Teatro Visión’s Managing Director Leigh Henderson. “The Bay Area has said goodbye to far too many theater companies over the past few years. Those of us that remain have to do everything we can to make sure that we’re sustainable. With this plan, I have never been more excited about Teatro Visión’s future than I am right now.”

The full strategic plan is available on Teatro Visión’s website at

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Teatro Visión is a Chicanx theater company serving the Latinx and other diverse communities of the Santa Clara Valley and the greater San Francisco Bay Area with a mission to create theater rooted in Chicanx and Latinx experiences to inspire the people of Santa Clara Valley and beyond to feel, think, and act to create a better world. Established in 1984, Teatro Visión has commissioned, developed, and produced over 60 plays for an audience of more than 145,000 patrons. Learn more at

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