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LatAm’s largest solar farm inaugurated in Chile

Fotografía cedida por la multinacional española de infraestructura y energías renovables Acciona S.A. hoy, viernes 3 de noviembre de 2017, de la planta fotovoltáica de El Romero, en Vallenar, en pleno desierto de Atacama (Chile). La presidenta de Chile, Michelle Bachelet, destacó que la entrada en funcionamiento de la planta fotovoltaica de El Romero, construida por la multinacional española Acciona y que fue inaugurada hoy, evitará la emisión la atmósfera de 485.000 toneladas de CO2. EFE

Vallenar, Chile, Nov 3 (EFE).- Spain-based multinational Acciona inaugurated Friday in northern Chile’s Atacama Desert the largest solar farm in Latin America.

The 246 MW El Romero Solar installation in Vallenar comprises 776,000 solar modules covering 280 hectares (691 acres) and can generate enough electricity to supply 240,000 Chilean households.

Acciona is very proud of the project, company President Jose Manuel Entrecanales said during the ceremony.

“What were previously called ‘non-conventional” renewable energy sources are today the sources that will impose themselves over all the other technologies of (power) generation,” he said.

El Romero Solar, which was built at a cost of $343 million in a record time of only 13 months, is projected to avert the emission of roughly 485,000 tons of carbon dioxide annually.

The new installation “reinforces Chile’s leadership in the development of solar energy,” Energy Minister Andres Rebolledo said, adding that the Andean nation was on a path toward a “sustainable and non-polluting” energy matrix.

Chile currently produces 45 percent of its electricity from renewables, the minister said.

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