Monday, February 19, 2018
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English: too powerful? »

Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi chided a member of the Diet, the country’s parliament, for sprinkling his question with “compliance” and “governance,” English terms which many Japanese do not understand….

Punitive or comprehensive immigration reform? »

 A compromised bad bill could still become a bad law

Honoring farm workers and day laborers on Cesar Chavez Day »


Text and photos by Aileen Viray Hernandez

Despite unsettled weather conditions, the group called Amigos de César Chávez along with Pastor Jon Pedigo (Saint Julie Billiart Parish),…

Jugando en español »


Texto y foto por Lorena Martínez
Sin duda uno de los intereses más grandes para los padres latinos es que sus hijos aprendan y hablen el español correctamente, pero no es una tarea fácil…

Candlelight vigil held for immigration reform »


Text and photos by Aileen V. Hernandez

People from all walks of life came together to hold a candlelight vigil  for Comprehensive Immigration Reform on Wednesday. The group met in front of the…

“Should an act of charity become a felony offense?” »


By Elizabeth Byles

Photos by Mary J. Andrade
“Does the U.S. really want to be involved in the identification, criminalization, incarceration and deportation of over 12 million people?” asked U.S….

Celebran 20 años de enseñanza »


Texto y fotos por Lorena Martínez

La Escuela Popular celebró su vigésimo aniversario el pasado miércoles 15 de marzo en la Plaza de la Herencia Mexicana, por medio de una cena en la cual la…

Beyond English only »

English is the official language of Alabama but not “the only language” stated Circuit Judge William Shashy in a recent ruling which will allow Alabama to…


Rep. Zoe Lofgren discusses national issues: the war, trade, and more »


By Sharon McElhone

La Oferta: What would you like Congress to do about getting out of Iraq and bringing our troops home? And what do you think government should do to improve their image with that…

Zoe Lofgren expresses concern about education, jobs, and immigration »


By Sharon McElhone

La Oferta: Homeland security is bringing new fugitive operations teams to the Bay Area in order to deport illegal immigrants. There is concern about racism and discrimination. What would you…