Tuesday, April 24, 2018
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Acapulco,  Mexico—Old-timers here tell stories about Acapulco’s golden days, when fun-loving Hollywood stars turned this spot – until the 1940s, a sleepy fishing village – into an exclusive hideaway for “la gente bonita” (the beautiful people)…

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“LESTAT”, Interesante como historia es monótono como musical »

San Francisco, CA — ¿Cuántas veces puede la audiencia ver a un “vampiro” morder el cuello de su víctima y cuando cae, tocarle con su brazo extendido los labios para que beba de su sangre? Al parecer, muy pocas. A las personas con estómagos sensibles les repugn…


NCM recognizes La Oferta Newspaper as a media founder and partner »

Photos by Mary J. Andrade
Staff writer — On January 10, 2006, La Oferta Newspaper publishers, Frank Andrade and Mary Andrade were recognized as a media founder and partner of New Californi….

Cindy Chavez, her vision, and the race for Mayor of San Jose »

Many have already predicted Cindy Chavez will be mayor of her beloved city of San Jose. If she wins, she will be the first Mexican-American woman to hold this office in ….

Should he stay or should he go? »

A few days before Christmas, KLIV Radio reported that the San Jose/Silicon Valley Business Journal had conducted an informal poll that showed that 72% of the respondents wa…
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Ballet SJSV terminó el año con un “Nutcracker” espectacular »

Comparándolo con las otras producciones del Área de la Bahía, “The Nutcracker” del Ballet San José Silicon Valley (BSJSV) bajo la direcció….    
Arts and Culture

Christmas traditions of Guatemala »

By Iride Aparicio
The furthest north of the five Central American countries, Guatemala is a modern country with very old traditions. Many of them originated in Spain and were brought to the….

Did the Mayor lie about the garbage strike? »

Nearly two weeks ago, the San Jose City Council voted to not extend the independent investigation of the Norcal garbage contract matter. Important questions remain unansw….

Cover-Up? »

While most of the attention at the December 13th San Jose City Council meeting was directed at the mayor and his troubles, another very significant action was taken by the ….

“El taller Holiday Extravaganza”, enriquece a las familias del Condado de Santa Clara »

Proveer orientación sobre educación en el cuidado de sus hijos a las familias del Condado de Santa Clara es una de las prin….